Consumer Loans

A Term Loan offered by the Bank to accredited Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs) and Cooperative Banks which in turn re-lend the funds to eligible borrowers.

  • Provides a wider scale of lending opportunities to MFIs and Cooperatives.

Loan facility for qualified clients who want to avail the following:

  • Purchase of lot in developed area.
  • Purchase of a complete residential unit to be occupied by the borrower.
  • Construction of a residential unit on a borrower's property.
  • Home improvement loan for expansion or remodeling of residential unit duly occupied by the borrower.
  • Refinancing of real estate loan with other lending institutions secured by the residential unit occupied by the borrower.
  • Purchase of a lot and construction of a house thereon.

A special vehicle-financing program extended to eligible officers of government and private institutions for personal and business use. Under this program, the bank shall finance 100% cost of the car.


  • The Bank shall finance 70% cost of the car.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Fast approval.

Salary loans are for eligible employees of both government and private institutions for personal / business use or home improvement.

  • Fast Approval.
  • No Collateral.
  • Competitive Interest Rates.

An additional loan facility for eligible employees of both government and private institutions for their educational needs.

  • Provides financial assistance to clients educational needs.
  • Low interest rate.