Organizational Structure and General Functions



1.1  Risk Management Office

Responsible for overseeing the Bank’s adoption and maintenance of an adequate risk management program involving identification, measurement, monitoring and controlling risks. It is responsible for the implementation of the approved Risk Management Charter.

1.1.1  Credit, Market and Liquidity, Operational Risks Division

Calculate and determine the Bank’s credit risk limits in proportion to its resources. Ensure conformity of all loan proposals to existing credit policies and standards set forth by the Bank and the BSP. Monitor and conduct periodic review of all loan accounts. Review existing credit policies and guidelines and propose new ones to maintain sound portfolio quality. Ensure that regulatory requirements related to credit transactions are addressed and the appropriate policy or guideline changes are introduced.

Establish market and liquidity risk limits of the Bank in proportion to its resources. Implement market and liquidity risk policies/limits and monitor the risk exposures of the Bank. Prepare liquidity and cash-flow forecast, cash-flow ratios and maturity gap analysis, as well as, earnings and sensitivity analysis. Conduct stress testings and recommend appropriate action plans.

Ensure the quality and comprehensiveness of the Bank’s processes and procedures. Manage process mapping within business lines. Assess operational risks inherent in all Bank products, activities and systems. Review loss experience and internal controls. Monitor and report deviations to risk management policies and procedures.

1.1.2  Information Technology Risk Management Division

Manage IT risks and information security issues including critical security initiatives and information assets of the Bank. Conduct identification, measurement, monitoring and control of IT risks for each business/operational unit.

1.2  Compliance Office

Responsible for the design of the Bank’s compliance system that includes the compliance program specifically identifying and mitigating business risks that may erode the value of the Bank.  It shall be responsible for the implementation of the approved Compliance Charter.

1.3  Internal Audit Office

Plans, directs and controls activities of auditing to achieve the established objectives and targets of the office within the guidelines and limits of authority prescribed by the Board of Directors and other regulatory bodies. It shall be responsible for the implementation of the approved Internal Audit Charter.

1.4  Office of the Corporate Secretary/ Board Secretariat Division

Acts as the Secretariat to the Board of Directors and its Committees.

1.5    Office of the BAC Secretariat

Acts as the Secretariat to the Bids and Awards Committee.


2.1  Office of the President & Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for the overall management of the Bank.

2.1.1  Human Resource Department

Responsible for the welfare of the employees during their employment with the Bank.  Develops, devises, advises on and implements HR policies, systems and procedures.  Provides adequate and competent workforce through training and development.  It shall be in charge of the administration of personnel movements and processing of employee benefits.  Monitors the implementation of the succession plan.  Administers the job evaluation program.  Manages job performance and total compensation system including benefits, incentives and rewards.  Acts as Secretariat to the Ad Hoc Committee concerning personnel violations.

2.1.2  Legal Services Department

Renders legal advice and reviews documents and contracts for legal sufficiency.  Analyzes and advises Management on existing and new cases and rulings affecting banking operations.

2.1.3  Security Department

Responsible for the preparation of a reasonable, effective and updated security program for the Bank and overall direct supervision and implementation of the Bank’s Security Program to protect its employees, resources, and clients.  Assists Human Resource Department in background investigation of employees.

2.1.5  Remedial & Assets Management Department

Responsible for addressing and controlling the risks of loan delinquency and loan default.  It shall address the growing non-performing loan (NPL) portfolio of the Bank and ensure its maximum collection/recovery of assets prior to its endorsement to the Office of the General Counsel.

2.1.6  Marketing Department

Responsible for conducting market research, identifying business opportunities and developing strategies for achieving company targets and objectives. Also responsible for crafting the Bank’s corporate image to best reflect its chosen market niche.


3.1  Treasury Dealing Department

Manage the Bank’s resources through investment of excess funds in local and foreign currency denominated debt instruments as approved by the Board of Directors.   Monitor the Bank’s liquidity position and engage in interbank borrowing and lending to meet liquidity needs of operations and BSP cover requirements. Set guidelines for pricing of deposit products to attract funders and optimize funding cost.

3.2  Treasury Marketing Department

Conducts marketing activities to generate the necessary funding requirements to support lending and investing activities of the Bank.


Responsible for the implementation of sound credit administration procedures throughout the bank, ensuring full and appropriate use of bank resources, while still being consistent with your bank's goals and objectives.

4.1  Appraisal & Credit Investigation Department

Responsible for the conduct of credit investigation and collateral appraisal.  Assists in the initial evaluation of the loan applicant by way of credit investigation.  Conducts inspection  and  appraisal  of  collateral  offered  for  loans  per  approved  lending guidelines.  Directs and supervises the conduct of credit investigation, asset appraisal, project   monitoring   and    such   other   fields   of   endeavor   to   attain   planned objectives.  Responsible for the safekeeping of all documents pertaining to credit investigation and collateral appraisal.

4.2  Loans Processing and Booking Department

Responsible for the confirmation, documentation, settlement, collection, document safekeeping and report preparation functions of all transactions pertaining to loans operations. Acts as backroom of the head office.  Responsible for the centralized loans operations reporting. Responsible for the Bank’s central liability system.

4.3  Credit Evaluation Department

Ensures the evaluation of the borrower’s risk rating and collateral risk rating of all regular loans.   Validates the submitted financial statements and analyzes the borrower’s financial projections.  Analyzes financial and other relevant data such as income growth, quality of management, and market share to determine expected loan profitability.  Ensures accuracy of the financial analyses performed by the account officers prior to its submission to appropriate approving authorities.  Provides industry analysis to lending units.

4.4  Credit Documentation Department

Provides support to lending units by streamlining the processing of loan documents from pre-release to post-approval and identifies and addresses discrepancies and/ or deficiencies with loan documentation and works closely with the lending units to ensure efficient, standard and timely credit documentation processing.


Plans, organizes, leads and controls all account management operations of the Bank consistent with the risk parameters set by Risk Management Office (RMO) and the Manual on Lending Operations (MOLO).  It shall design and implement policies, procedures and guidelines on loans in accordance with regulatory bodies.  It shall formulate and recommend policies, rules and regulations, systems and procedures for the effective implementation of its plans to improve and enhance competitiveness of the Bank at par within the industry.  The Group shall also be responsible for the review and development of responsive products and services as well as development of strategies and promotional activities to boost the marketability of the different products and services of the Bank.

5.1  Corporate Banking Department I; and,

5.2  Corporate Banking Department II

Total account management of all loan accounts from inception to collection at the Head Office consistent with the Manual on Lending Operations.  Focus on markets identified by Management in accordance with the approved Business Plan of the Bank. Evaluate loan proposals and analyze financial and loan information to determine loan feasibility.   Review, evaluate, validate, and endorse loan proposals to approving authorities in conformity with the risk parameters set by RMO.   Plan the mix and volume of loan portfolio and formulate strategies to achieve them.  Formulate, arrange/ utilize special financing programs.


Plans, leads, organizes, implements and controls all support services activities.  Formulates and implements policies, procedures and guidelines in accordance with regulatory bodies to ensure efficient and effective operations without sacrificing internal control. Provides an efficient and effective accounting services to the Bank and implements the appropriate financial control and review system involving the corporate accounts. The Head of the ACG shall act as the Comptroller of the Bank.

6.1  Accounting Department

Ensures effective implementation of the financial control system on operational expenses.  Ensures that expenditures are within prescribed policies, laws, rules and regulations. Supervises the General Accounting Division, Reconciliation and Reports Division, and Budget Division.  Responsible for the accounting / bookkeeping, budget administration, reports preparation, and disbursement activities of the Bank.

6.2  General Services Department

Provides general services Bankwide.  Supervises purchase of supplies and other items for the Bank at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing quality.  Provides and maintains transport and communication facilities as well as messengerial services to concerned units. Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Bank’s properties including but not limited to furnitures, fixtures, equipment, vehicles, etc.  Responsible for the timely dissemination of relevant information and documents to concerned units of the Bank.  Responsible for the dispatch of vehicles, its proper maintenance and the development of policies and procedures to prolong the life and use of vehicles. It shall direct the disposal of unserviceable vehicles and shall take charge of the timely registration and insurance of all the Bank vehicles.  Perform secretariat function for the Bids and Awards Committee.

6.3  Clearing Division

Manages activities involving clearing and distributing of all checks received and sent by the Bank, and ensures timely and appropriate clearing operations to support all concerned units of the Bank.  Recommends policies for appropriate and effective internal control in clearing operations.

6.4  Treasury Accounting Department

Responsible for the accounting and report preparation functions of all transactions pertaining to loans and treasury operations. Prepares proof sheets and block sheets for daily transactions and balances end-of-day transactions. Prepares schedules of past due accounts  and  accounts  receivables,  aging  of  past  due  accounts  and  accounts receivables, accrued interest receivables and payables, as well as other accounts that may be requested by Management.


7.1  IT Applications Department

Provide the leadership, management and supervisory functions to plan, develop, implement and administer the programs and projects for the application of computer and communications technologies to Core Banking Information Systems, to include Deposit, Loans, Treasury, Human Resources, Assets and Corporate Communications.

The Department shall perform the functions of project management, systems design and development, construction and implementation, and change management.  In the process, the Department shall perform outsourcing work (as alternative to in-house development) project risk assessments, risk mitigation and contingency plans, incorporation of security measures and control, and planning and design of security, control and business continuity plans and programs.

7.2  Information Technology Department

Provide the leadership, management and supervisory functions to plan, implement, operate and administer the various Information Technology components of hardware, software, networks and data center facilities (including back-up) for both the Core Banking and Extended Banking Information Systems installed in the Head Office and the Branches.
The work includes report preparation, data back-up processes, online support to IS users, liaison and coordination with IT suppliers and service providers, feedback and recommendations for improvement in the various aspects of their work and current operations  documentation  and  manuals,  using  the  appropriate  change  reporting process.


Responsible for the overall management of the Branch Banking Group, Microfinance Department, Consumer Loans Department, Remittance/Extended Banking Group and Corporate Services Management Department.

3.1  Corporate Management Services Department

Responsible for budgeting and financial planning, liaising with GCG and ensuring Bank compliance with its requirements, review and initiation of policy and process improvements, and providing secretariat support to the ManCom and LendCom.

3.2  Consumer Loans Department

Handle the formulation of marketing strategies to promote the Bank’s consumer loan products as well as to provide regular updates on relevant policies and procedures pertinent thereto.

3.3  Microfinance Department

Overseas and regulates the operation of microfinance portfolio of the Bank. Provides support to enable microfinance units to achieve its purpose of extending the Bank’s financial reach to the unbanked and underserved communities


Overall management, administration and control of operations in the area offices and branches.  Determines and plans activities for existing and future branch expansion in conformity with the objectives set by the Bank. Monitors performance of the branches against their targets; Responsible for the administrative control of branch operations; Provides prompt, reliable and accurate support services to the Branches.

4.1  Branch Support Department

Responsible for the preparation of strategic plans and budgets, periodic reporting and monitoring of branch activities, and operational analyses, as well as deposits and loans performance monitoring of branches.  Responsible for the administrative control of branch operations and provides prompt, reliable and accurate support services to the Branches.  It shall also be responsible for the review of all loan proposals endorsed by the branches prior to legal review and endorsement to approving authorities.  It shall analyze, evaluate and validate financial and loan information to determine loan feasibility in accordance with the MOLO and RMO risk parameters.  It shall prepare and plan the mix and volume of loan portfolio and formulate strategies to achieve them.  It shall provide technical assistance and guidance to all areas/branches on loan policies and procedures and documentation as well as account management.

4.2  Metro Luzon Business Center

Overall management of banking activities of the branches within the area.

4.2.1  Main Branch
4.2.2  San Pablo Branch
4.2.3  Malolos Branch
4.2.4  Mabalacat, Pampanga Branch
4.2.5  Lipa Branch

4.3  South Luzon Business Center

Overall management of banking activities of the branches within the area.

4.3.1  Naga Branch
4.3.2  Legaspi Branch
4.3.3  Sorsogon Branch
4.3.4  Tigaon Branch

4.4  North Luzon Business Center

Overall management of banking activities of the branches within the area.

4.4.1  Dagupan Branch
4.4.2  Asingan Branch
4.4.3  Baguio Branch
4.4.4  San Fernando, La Union Branch
4.4.5  Tarlac Branch
4.4.6  Tuguegarao Branch

4.5  Visayas Business Center

Overall management of banking activities of the branches within the area.

4.5.1  Tacloban Branch
4.5.2  Cebu Branch
4.5.3  Himamaylan Branch
4.5.4  Iloilo Branch
4.5.5  Tagbilaran Branch Branch
4.5.6  Bacolod Branch

4.6  Mindanao Business Center

Overall management of banking activities of the branches within the area.

4.6.1  Cagayan de Oro Branch
4.6.2  Manolo Fortich Branch
4.6.3  Davao Branch
4.6.4  Zamboanga Branch


5.1  Remittance Department

Responsible for the formulation and development of policies and procedures on remittance operations and its strict implementation.  Monitors and controls incoming/outgoing    remittances    to    and    from    outside    the    Bank    to    its destination.  Manages the day-to-day operations on remittance from front line support to back-end monitoring and reconciliation

5.2  E-Channel Department

Manage the Bank’s ATM network to insure reliable operation and application of internal controls.   Provide support to the preparation of initial studies, introduction, including launching activities and management and operation of new products such as foreign and domestic remittances, Micro Banking operations, cash cards and ATM network expansion.